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Hi Everyone! The end has come for Maverick Diva. BUTTTT I am now blogging on WWW.FROMABOLIVIAN.COM filled with tons of interesting posts. Check it out. And adios to Maverickdiva. 


winter is coming

The past month has been a whirlwind of chaos. The company I work for moved to a bigger place and our space is awesome! The design room is huge and I am in a happy place now. I've also been DIYing like a DIY queen. I had a whole to do list just waiting to be done and I finally got around to doing some of my DIY projects. I customized a denim jacket of mine with a fringed ethnic print fabric (Mexican blanket that I purchased in Olvera street for $8!) then I started creating designs and painting on my ceramic plates.  Spicing up my kitchenware. It's a cheaper alternative to buying those expensive and amazing plates at anthro. I've also been eyeing these amazing baroque boots at Zara but they're $170, so I made my own and it only cost me a total of $8 bucks to create my beautiful babies. I've been productive and more active with life in general. I don't enjoy feeling like a lazy butt because when you get too comfortable then you get used to that feeling and that ain't never good. 
Other than that, I have been enjoying this amazing cold weather. There have been nights when I wasn't enjoying it because I wasn't fully prepared but now I know that it's getting that cold that I don't have to contemplate on wearing a coat. Now I know, it's gonna be super duper cold at night and I better be freaking prepared! Now that I am in sync with the weather, I have been pulling out all my fall favorites and channeling my Penny Lane, pulling out my cords, paisleys, hats and 70s radical child. P.S. my hair is getting long and it's getting more fun to flip my hair when I rock out to Led Zep. Enjoy the cold weather everyone. Here's what my life has been lately:

Peace out fools
xo Maverick Nessa


A guide to being cheap chic

Living in LA has taught me a valuable lesson: There's a cheaper version to everything. There's tons of fashion companies that have a large following of fashionistas, but not all of us can afford to have that specific look. The beauty of living in LA is having the fashion district at your fingertips. Along with an array of thrift shops that hold treasures of rich hollywood gals who have easily donated their clothes when they've worn them just once. 
I am a fashion l.o.v.e.r. and it kills me not to be able to afford things like Novella Royale's amazing bells, or that amazing For Love and Lemons lace dress. Well Vanessa and relatable fashionistas, do not fret cause there is a light at the end of that tunnel. Go to the fashion district in LA! There you will find an array of the exact same merchandise that is sold at Nasty Gal. Shoes galore, clothes, and accessories galore as well. Delve into the busy streets of Santee Alley to discover it all, it's worth it. I have purchased numerous kick ass shoes for all under $30 bucks in that alley. And I have a favorite jewelry shop there that has everything for $1, I bought 4 gold and silver ring and bracelet chain combos today and I cannot wait to wear them, that's also where I purchase my cheap gold hoop earrings for my Brooklyn girl phase that I am currently experiencing. And I also purchased all those rings from above from there. Shopping in downtown does involve patience, but you never leave empty handed. I went there today and had actual errands and supplies to purchase and ended up spending a lot more than I had anticipated because I found a hidden treasure: Artini Accessories Inc. They are currently having a 60% ofF sale on all their jewelry and bought myself some amazing pieces that were worth the price. I'm talking $8 bucks here instead of lets say, $30?!
And one more secret of mine is DOLLAR SHOPS! I swear, these are a safe haven for me. When I first moved here I was on a mad search for A Dollar Tree but instead I found The Dollar King in Glendale. Best. Dollar. Store. Ever. I think they only have a location in Glendale so I apologize to those who don't live in LA. They have the greatest make-up aisle I have ever seen in a dollar store. Quality stuff too. It's mainly lip, eye and nail stuff and that's all you really need if you're gonna spend a dollar on it. Face make-up is a different story, that needs to be purchased with more thought, caution, and money. Everytime I go, I buy a new lipstick or nail polish and I'm always satisfied when I get my first use out of it. That saves me so much money on having to spend it on MAC or organic make-up. And the stuff I use still looks AS GOOD as MAC. That picture above is proof on how much I have purchased from the Dollar King. So before you go spending money on things that aren't worth the price, investigate around your city or online and see the cheaper alternatives  because honey, there always is. 

Until next time
Maverick Nessa


Photo Diary: Winter is coming

It rained today! All day! I was the happiest person. I ran out on my break and stood in the rain with my arms out, just taking all that shit in. I waited for this day to come since summer started and now I finally feel like myself. I always feel my best in the fall.
Now that I have my own camera, I have been attempting to use it as much as I can. Here are a couple shots from the past two days. First one is obviously me being excited about the colder weather. Annnd the rest are from the amazing show I went to at the Greek just yesterday to see Grizzly Bear. That venue itself is magical, with the illuminated trees hovering over you as the sounds from the stage vibrate through your soul. I went with my friend Devon, and we were overly satisfied with the whole show. There were numerous times when we would simultaneously look at each other and approve of the many favorites they decided to play for us. The guys of Grizzly Bear put on an amazing show. I even feel weird referring to them as grizzly bear, because they are all such great individuals who blew me away, and I feel like I have to commend them on their talents one by one. Christopher, the drummer was a charismatic gem, Ed was such a unique soul, Daniel's voice translated so well at the venue, and Chris could easily be a one man show with his endless talents. One main factor that made the show even greater were the jelly looking lanterns dancing all over the stage. And the harmonies...the flipping harmonies man. Those men know how to sound good together, there was such a great balance between all of them and the greatest part is that they all have tremendous voices on their own. Everyone shined in their own way and I love these guys in a way I never expected to. 
Just give their music a listen if you haven't yet. Oh and Happy Friday everyone!

Until next time
Maverick Nessa