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jethro cave makes me want to roll

so i was supposed to go check out the dark, brooding, sexy new vampire film, DAYBREAKERS but i ended up not going. but the whole idea of vampire flicks that are more mature and violent and well definitely more adult just gives me the goosebumps(in a good way). 
and i JUST came across this brilliant new video from contributing editor
which is just up my alley on how dark my fascination is with this realm. its super hot!
i just want to put on cross earrings and rock the black lipstick like a goth goddess.

(oh and ethan hawke. ive always had a crush on you.
always. since i was ten.
yes, i had a lot of emotions as a young child. ACCEPT IT.)

so back to the whole purpose of this post *cough cough*
JETHRO CAVE. the mans man, the ladies man, the man around town.
watch the video. theres nothing much i can tell you other than JETHRO makes my heart pound like crazy. hot hot man.

My Baby Rocks Me With One Steady Roll from joostvandebrug on Vimeo.

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