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Daniel D. Johnston

its been a week and i hope you all enjoyed my most recent weekly feature! I will have the next feature up by tomorrow or by monday! these features are great! if you are interested, contact me through personal facebook. 

now on a completely random and different note, i'd like to introduce all of you to, if you havent yet been introduced to...DANIEL JOHNSTON! my hero. Through many years, big musicians have done covers for this man, this brilliant yet delusional man. Back in summer of 07 me and my lovely friend rushed to the rental store like crazy obsessed kids to get the documentary titled "the devil and daniel johnston." by the end of the movie, i was crying on his shoulder, and so was he! tears running down our faces with mixed emotions of what we had just experienced from this powerful documentary.

The documentary was filled with such pain, brilliance and this overwhelming genius that you see within Johnston, and its so tragic to see his life, a truly honest film about this genius of a song writer. 

you probably have been curious of the image above, and where it comes from. its been in movies like WHIP IT, kurt cobain wore a shirt with that image, michael cera does as well and ive been searching all over the world to find myself one, and urging myself to just put one on a t-shirt, well your questions have been answered. that very image is from Daniel's first tape album that he recorded in his basement. its brilliant. i have all of his stuff and i recently started obsessing over Karen O's cover for the Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack, the song Worried Shoes makes me tear up. im a nerd. it was 2am last night and im listening to this song crying with myself. Johnston's song writing and music, and everything just has that affect on you. 

give him a try if you havent already. its strange, and most of his songs just start off as noise but then you capture that brilliance. 

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