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fabric dyes part 1

colors used: rustic brown i made mixed with some red and gray.

so, ive mentioned before im taking a kickass fabric dyes class. we started with just one color dying and now we've advanced to multiple color dying. and next week we have batik, which is where we use wax and manipulate our own designs. ive got sooo many ideas. this past week i decided to do really tonal hues. browns, rust, greens, and i mixed in some purples, some mint and black. the color combination kind of came out BRILLIANT! and im currently pattern drafting a 1950s style dress to make with the jersey knit i dyed! 

these were my favorites(i died about 7 different pieces of fabrics: 
COLORS USED: rustic brown that i mixed myself with purple. 

this last one is a minty green with splashes of grey and black. i love love love it! it kind of has a very high fashion chic print to it. so im using that as the bodice for the dress im making, and the bottom of the dress is going to be the classic 1950 Dior silhouette used with a minty fabric that i died just one color!

and now im off to work more on the fashion show. today we have our big model call!



  1. ive never dyed fabrics before and has always wanted to try it! yours came out great ;)

  2. thanks girl!
    try it sometime, its fun fun fun

    thanks for leaving love
    maverick diva

  3. Hellurrr,
    Can i get something dyed pleaseeee!!!


  4. Rayo! i will definitely design something for you!




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