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check me out on IMBOYCRAZY.COM!

hey all you lovelies out there. one of my daily reads is  because its the best boy helping blog out there. and controlled by none other than Alexi Wasser herself. :)
well she had people enter these cute videos titled "be my friend" and i was one of the few who didnt mind, and thought they were cute and fun. so i decided to step in and speak out! and what does vanessa do? i made a video. and THAT video has been featured . its been titled "be my friend...(THIS IS THE BEST ONE YET). 

check me out on Alexi's blog. its a fun video i swear. and dont be a hater. these should be fun, so those haters should stop degrading all us people who had the spontaneity to make a video. we just got good energy and thats ALWAYS good. right? ...RIGHT!


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  1. omg, you are too adorable. i watched your video. I LOVE IMBOYCRAZY.COM


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