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Rest in Peace Alexander McQueen

I am just dumbfounded right now. just speechless, and lack of words in my vocabulary to describe how I feel right now. Alexander Mcqueen was found dead in his home this morning in London, at the age of 40. my heart is hurting so much right now.

today we lost a great man, a man who literally changed the world and influenced people in so many ways, including myself. Alexander McQueen is among those designer legends that everyone looks to get inspiration. He was theatrical, controversial, talented, strange, a GENIUS! i can say for myself, that he was one of those designers that i kept close to heart. When i say i  am extremely sorry for this loss, and mourning for this death, i mean it from the bottom of my heart. McQueen was one of my favorite designers, and i always turned to him for inspiration. I aspired to be him, to catch that amazing aesthetic he had in my designs as well. Mcqueen and Chalayan are my top fav designers and i am extremely shocked and just silent for this sudden passing of McQueen. One thing that i am happy i got to live and witness was McQueen's final show, his Alien/Serpent inspired collection for this past spring 2010. He finished and ended his short but amazing life with a bang and i will love him forever because of that. McQueen never dissapointed, he always surprised us. 
may he rest in peace. 

some of his amazing work:
here is one of my favorite videos of his, where even in the worst of times(the 90s) He managed to make fashion still beautiful and a piece of art. this video is the legendary piece of art - where two robots sprayed the paint all over on the white tube dress, SPECTACULAR!  



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