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ethereal fashion show

So the fashion show I directed for the past couple of months came to an end on the 14th of May. The show was a success! I am proud of the whole execution, so much work went into it from so many people and I couldn't have been happier for the finished result. The whole idea of the show was this kind of lost in your own dreams. inspired by our fascination with the subconscious mind, or to better give you an idea, scientifically speaking: lucid dreaming! Which is when an individual falls into deep sleep but thinks they are awake, its when the dream seems so real that the dreamer can't tell the difference between dream and reality! KERI(amazing girl!) made an amazing intro video to start our show! It was more of an experience rather than just a fashion show. We wanted the audience to journey into this world with us and be a part of it. When the dvd is ready I will post it here but for now I only have a super low quality version of the intro video only. this intro literally makes your heart beat in ways you have never imagined! its spectacular. it defines what our whole show was!

ethereal intro from vanessa acosta on Vimeo.

I had some of my designs and they got so much attention that i've been creating way more that i will also post up soon.

you can see the rest of the photos from our photographer here:
we featured student designs, 3 boutiques and 2 amazing jewelry designers!


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