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friends with ships

These past few days have felt like centuries, but i was brought back into the real world when i finally met up with my gal pals, EELA AND SARAH last night. what first started off as a long awaited reunion at one of our fav local rests of the are-a(that sentence right thurr was so "hip" of me, fav? local? rests? i like to talk in abrevs). We ate, had a short book club meeting and then spent the next several hours(approx 3 hours) sitting on a bench drifting away as the world passed us by. i love friendships like that, the ones that dont find it necessary to want to do something crazy/spontaneous/wild every time there's a hangout. the friendships that are content with simply chatting about life's unanswered questions for 3 straight hours.
i love these lovely ladies. 

AND i have yet to post a special post in honor of mama sarah who has formed a new habit of laughing awkwardly when being asked to do things, such as...stroke thick cut cucumbers. thats for another post in itself my friends.



  1. Tomorrow I'm taking the plunge on making mama's post, cucumbers & all.

  2. by the way, i used to work at the Gap way back in high school...ewwwwwww, i feel your pain


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