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come fall

Like always, friends seem to point out things you sometimes don't see yourself but as soon as they do you know they're right. The other day Eela and mama sarah and I were walking to a this park to have a picnic at night and I was wearing my lil plaid boucle cropped jacket with a wool beret, a polka dotted bowtie, trouser pants rolled up and a collared button down whilst throwing an apple in the air and whistling billie holiday. now just imagine what would pop in your head if you witnessed that. ya, Eela said I reminded her of a 1920s lil boy going to the factory, and Mama said you "lil oliver twist." and it hit me! Thats the spot on description of what I'm aiming for this fall! 

Fall is the one thing I look forward to every year and yes, i may shop too early for it but it will come soon. And I always give myself a game plan. A whole inspiration planned out, main fabric choices, must have accessories, a whole picked out color palette. everything! This coming fall I have it all decided

I guess this is how i look at it: I'm Oliver Twist revived in the flesh. Of course Im still female, so its that androgynous look. But the twist is that I've just robbed a vintage jewelry shop! think of that whole premise and picture that outfit. wonderful right?! I recently read this lil thing some random girl wrote in a magazine saying, "for fall i want girls to be unprecious about precious things" meaning mixing old raggedy things with big huge luxurious pieces. shiny meets dull. I love it! and im just waiting for it to get cold so i can wear the outfit on my mannequin in my room. I wake up every morning to look at and just get more excited and more impatient. 

ahh soo goood!

Thats me begging for some diamonds in my bowl
xoxo maverick diva


  1. Aha, "Please sir, I want some more". You truly are Oliver Twist modernized. I love that J.Crew look as well.

  2. aww thanks mama sarah!
    ya jcrew collection is amazing for thisfall!


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