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When Givenchy came out with the fall 10 collection, I haD a fit over those marvelous lace bell bottom bodysuits? since then i've been on a mad hunt for anything that is high waisted, and insane bell bottoms. I just want to pop out looking like I had just time traveled from the 1970s.

 Givenchy really pushed it, not only are they bell bottoms, but lace/sequined/feathered bell bottoms. its like Tisci took every fucking kind of trim and applied it to this couture collection, and though it would seem to be a little overwhelming with all those aspects and a lil "too much" for some people, it actually surprisingly works in his brilliant favor. and and as I was about to lose hope in my search, NASTY GAL came out with their less intense, and more tamed interpretation of Givenchy collection for all us normal folk... SUCCESS!
So if you have the same needs as me, I suggest you snatch these too from nastygal!

xoxo maverick diva

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