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portland OH portland

i dont even know where to start, but i do know that going to portland made me realize I should definitely move there...IMMEDIATELY! My trip was too delightful. the minute i got there, no, correction: the minute we boarded the plane and went into the sky i was already amazed by the view. the skies in oregon are dazzling, unlike the ones in california. maybe it was just me but i enjoyed the land of clouds in oregon. my friends met me at the airport and that was the start to an amazing long weekend. We ventured to places like: Voodoo Donuts, went to the saturday market( i went nuts), powells bookstore!, and of course loads of food place and vintage shops(eela knew i needed to see them). 

the trip took a couple of crazy turns when we decided to dress up and make-up ourselves all "zombie-ish" and walk around PSU's campus...on a friday night. then we ate large amounts of cheetos and yummy korean food, slept alot, played chubby bunny with cheetos, drank our alcohol with cheetos, and then later bought MORE CHEETOS! 

the food there is incredible. almost everything is made for vegetariens and vegans, its kind of amazing! just so many choices. and the weather was made for me. cold, wet and windy. it felt like the perfect fall in portland with the warm colored trees, and leaves falling constantly all over the streets and sidewalks. I wanted so bad to pick a  pile of leaves and throw them at my friends BUT they were all wet from the rain and im not THAT mean. heh. 

but overall it was an amazing trip, go there now. take my advice if you havent been to oregon.

OH and they have a shop solely for local etsy artists!!! ah only in portland. 



  1. I've wanted to visit portland for such a long time! Its suppose to have so many vegan placesthat sound fantastic!

  2. its a must go to place! goo soon you'll love it! :)


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