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rose bowl flea market november

so i finally went to revisit my favorite place...the rose bowl flea market! found too much stuff, as always. enjoyed my stay. Admired the plants/gardening tent, fan girled over my 3 DOLLAR AMETHYST EARRINGS!!! got a huge ass stone necklace that probably weighs like 3 pounds, 3 dollar vintage clothes, and amazing antique jewelry. i missed that atmosphere, the people are nice, lots of eccentric people, and so many gems. I got approached by a couple photographers for a style website but i lost their business card, I was wearing a vintage 1950s outfit, shoes, cat eye classes and 50 dress. i was kind of in the mood. Going back in december and gonna make it a habit from now on cause ive missed this too much!

300 dollar bundles of straight up authentic african beads and such. insanity


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