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black friday 2010

what a weekend, oh wait its not even over! I did so much shopping yesterday. found such good deals on everything and only spent less than a hundred bucks. A STEAL! im proud to say i didnt spend a shit load on black friday. and im also glad i was one of the calm and mannered ones who shopped on black friday. jeez it was nuts. i got a 100%silk top for 15 bucks(ann taylor loft, fav place to shop now), a 10 dollar scarf, an amazingly huge cowl neck top thats so huge i can wear it as a hood at The Gap, 30 dollar Zara COLLECTION heels(used to be 90 bucks!) and an amazing huge grandpa draping sweater with the best knitted design on it.

in other news: I'm going to redo my living space! I think it is the proper time for change. I've had my bedroom walls painted lavender for too long, and my eclectic mix of vintage calicos on my bed spread are very lovely BUT it's not springtime anymore, its getting colder and it would be far more comforting to come home and lay in my bed as my melted candles heat my room. So I've decided im still gonna keep the vintage/antique aspect of my bedroom but I'm going to make a complete transformation into into an antique edwardian/goth theme. I usually gradually change my room and not buy stuff in bulk. I've already purchased a couple of gems that are helping me get more excited about this change. I went to goodwill trying to see if anything could inspire me on deciding on a concrete style for my room and it wasnt going to well until I came across an old rusty mint candle holder that made me decide the darker the better!

as soon as i found the old rusty candle holder, I looked around more and seemed to notice a lot more stuff for what I had in mind, it was just meant to be. its just too fitting, with my massive collection of endless velvet pieces in my wardrobe, my unhealthy obsession with crystals, amethysts and stones are just too perfect for a room like the one im going to create. its gonna be like a witches dream room. 

a lot of shopping but im excited about all my purchases! 


  1. augh, lusting so hard over your room. i can't wait to see it.

  2. of course you are cause its gonnna be amazing!


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