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ya we just got a new shipment of clothes in today at Zara and I DIED! like on a constant basis. I died approx 4 times on the floor! We got Miu Miu knock off tops! the cat and bird print from the spring 2010 collection in transparent chiffon tops. sooo divine! and we got a super cute dress with an amazing print of french people walking their dogs. 
and we got a bunch of other stuff but I can only get a couple of things at a time, jeez nessa calm down!



  1. I like the walking dogs one... also I have to say I couldn't help but notice how you refer to yourself as nessa. I completely started a revolution. Next... cult.

  2. Hah ya I guess u really did start something, cause at work I even label my water cup with nessa on it so everyone knows it mine! A nessa cult? That would be amazing! People worshipping me hah!

  3. hahaha i tried on all of these things! except the bird print-didn't see that one at my zara. gonna have to go back though, because I think that is my favorite collection OF ALL TIME EVER.

    yes, I have a slight miu miu/prada obsession. It's why I started fashion.



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