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i cant stop falling in love

Donald Glover! He's funny, A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E., and extremely kind oh and he has darling style?!!? 
He's in the hilarious show Community if you don't know that already. and if you don't know what Community is then who are you?? I watch it every week I love it, its got Joel Mchale, the asian guy from the hangover, Chevy Chase and Donald G!

Anyways, back to my point, I recently found out Donald(first name basis) is reppin' for Gap! He's been photographed(oh so preciously) and is participating in their "giving" campaign. OhHH and Ryan Kwanten is part of it too(jason stackhouse from true blood!!). 

Okay, I am not just fan girling over Donald because hes precious, just look at him ^ But I love him cause hes hilarious! and im gonna say it, I think he's the funniest on the show Community. and he also is involved in community work as well! The charity he works with is amazing! Just watch the video


  1. donglover is the man... have you heard his musics? its really good.

  2. very cool! great post :)


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