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on my days off

Basically the past few days I've been lying in bed like a sick ole dog and barely breathing through my mouth due to my congested nose. i wont get into details but i dont think ive ever been this sick. i spent my day off at court for 3 hours, sitting there sniffing my nose so loudly the lady next to me wasnt even discreet and just kept staring at me. 75 dollars, a runny nose, blood shot eyes and three hours later i finally dealt with a long and excruciating process of fixing my fix it ticket. so unnecessary. Spent my whole day off lying in bed with a towering pile of tissue papers and watching Amelie. there is one thing i love about being sick: 1. being treated like a highness and 2. watching movie after movie. 

Current status: still deathly sick, but getting better thanks to Lena Dunham!

Im kind of a ridiculous fan. couple years back, I used to religiously watch "delusional downtown divas" which starred Lena(first name basis) and when I came across this new movie she's starring in and directed, i basically almost went nuts. and im not saying this cause im a big fan, but the movie looks GREAT! and im about to watch it as soon as it finishes downloading. oh and im downloading the free soundtrack. i know, im kind of ridiculous.
xoxo maverick diva


  1. Glad as a huge fan you are downloading it instead of going out to see it or ordering it OnDemand...

  2. well its unfortunate i dont have the luxuries of OnDemand, or having a theatre near me that is showing it. so i have no other choice.

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