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buffalo wild

I saw this movie last week and unexpectedly ended up loving it. yes, vincent gallo as billy brown is one beautiful man with those red boots and messed up coif but as soon as he opens his fuckin mouth then you automatically start to hate the bastard(vincey is probs the most self absorbed asshole out there, to prove my point i suggest you click HERE to see his "personal escort service" arrangement. ill say no more.). Christina Ricci on the other hand is a gem, her character's personality is so easy to like minus the outfit she sports the whole movie. but I cant blame her for picking the glittery tap shoes to do her tap number in. If you havent seen this movie then you should. Now that i've had a taste of Vincent's work, I think I may consider watching 'The Brown Bunny' but im not sure if im prepared to see his infamous big cock being sucked by skankaroonie Chloe Sevigny. I love her but I dont know what she was thinking when she decided to do that scene.

all in all I really fell in love with the characters in this movie. and how christina ricci so easily fell in love with a guy so psychotic and damaged. it was probably those piercing blue eyes. daayyummnn



  1. In high school Devon was a freak and would REWIND and REWATCH that damn bed scene over and over.

    "You gotta span time, you see, we're spanning time... okay? SPANNING TIME"

  2. Hahha obviously those are the best parts in the movie.I couldn't stop giggling at the bed scene, I loved it


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