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california dreaming

california is treating me well. im enjoying the colder weather. the daily activities and places to venture to. im cali dreaming. and im enjoying it.
I've been spending my days smiling as much as i can cause its the best way to do it. its a compilation of making jewelry whilst listening to a ridiculous amount of devendra and antiquing like a mad old woman ready to check those things off her bucket list. i need to calm down. earlier last week i went antiquing in downtown san juan which led to many encounters with prime meat= man candy then yesterday was the longest day of my life. woke up super early to go to rose bowl flea market with a mission to find TOO many things. I found a lot that i couldnt turn down. I did fail at finding the type of jewelry i wanted but i did cross over to the bridge and found quite a few gems. 

i got these sandals. cholita sandals for crying out loud, that fit ME!? i was ecstatic and they were 10 bucks.

 the clothes was too much for me. i was stressin hard. but one thing i cant get over was proudly spending some money on this hat. As we were about to leave i ended up running to the opposite end of where we were to get this piece. this divine rich maroon velvet hat that reminds me of madeline. its got a bow in the back and i absolutely adore it! now all i need is a velvet maroon dress with a white peter pan collar and im set for paris. bonjour!
I collect old portraits of people. when theyre cheap of course. they can get super expensive. but rose bowl always treats me well and delivers with 1dollar portraits. result! I usually only like to get the hard wooden/cardboard portraits but i broke my rule for this one old lady. i got a regular soft photograph with no backing cause the old cat lady is just absolutely worth breaking a rule for(picture on the bottom left). shes this cute old lady with her kitty and shes wearing that laid back but lovely gingham style dress. i just cant get over it. 

one last thing. my secret santa at work got me TAROT CARDS!! i went bonkers. people at work know me too well. my secret santa knew im teaching myself palmistry so she so thoughtfully got me these. and i have already started testing them out and so far i am beyond pleased. some people dont "believe" or enjoy to be around this type of thing. but I have a keen interest in this stuff because im spiritual. my sister and i tested out the "THREE CARD" set up. you pick the three top cards of the deck. first one representing your past, 2. present, 3. future. each card tells you something about all stages of your life and mine was mind blowing, it was toooo accurate. it helps. you realize things that you kind of already knew but needed to come up to the surface for more attention. the cards showed me that today and it was pretty profound. i got a sense of what and who i was in the past as well. weirrrddd. im just enjoying all of these things too much right now. i need to take a breather cause im enjoying life too much right now.


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  1. This fills me up. "I've got nothing to do today, but smile"

    p.s. that hat is you in a nutshell.


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