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I found this dress at a lil vintage shop hanging on the 50% off rack. It obviously spoke to me when I saw the texturized paisley print and the rest of the dress being completely transparent! no slip. no nothing. 1. long maxi dress, 2. transparent 3. paisley print...basically everything I look for in a piece of clothing(its the gitana in me).

Transparent items are meant to be worn transparent. I'm gonna rant here for a bit cause this issue needs some much needed attention! Let me make it perfectly clear that it bothers me when girls buy transparent tops and then wear tanks/camis underneath them. Those designers didn't make that top transparent for you to cover yourself up! they made it transparent so you could wear a super cute/sexy bra with it...duh! you girls should know this. 
Stop what you are doing, or well finish reading this and then stop what you are doing and go to gapbody, urban, forever etc and buy yourself a cute LACE bra. no pads, no nothing. yes, i mean a transparent LACE bra. Yes, i mean a transparent lace bra to wear underneath your transparent top. i know im crazy! I own 4 and they are all my babies.

Since this new dress is completely transparent from head to toe, I wore my american apparel leotard and covered up the necessary body parts, like the proper lady i am. cant let everything hang out all over the place, this aint the 60s(though i wish it was). also wearing my two antique necklaces that i found at the flea market that just so happen to go PERFECTLY with my silver clutch adorned with crystals and stones! this gem of a clutch I found back in my high school days at TJMAX!? it was tucked away in the aisle that has a random collection of eclectic  and "cultural" house ware decor. Tjmax is the best.



  1. Love your accessories! The necklaces are amazing and I LOVE your bag!

  2. the dress is great on you, I love it!!


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