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Outfit of the day: being cultural

So last week I was bidding for a ralph lauren ethnic print sweater on ebay that I ended up surrendering cause I was not willing to pay 90 dollars for it! Things obviously happen for a reason cause earlier this week I stopped by a thrift store I was obsessed with in high school but its been years since ive gone so I decided to pay a lil visit. and what do you know, I find this amazing sweater/blazer, same PRINT! its no ralph lauren but I only had to pay 25 dollars! 
I love it! its warm, its big, and its got that ethnic native american print that ive been hunting for like a mad woman. it's been a little chilly so im glad im able to use this rather than purchasing it and never being able to wear it. it obviously brings a lot of joy to my heart.
i guess you could say kieth richards and anita pallenberg played a big part in my obsession with this print. and obviously devendra circa 2008.

WEARING: thrifted blazer, zara pants, vintage architectural heels, and american apparel strapless leotard. 

xoxo maverick diva


  1. amazing outfit,i love ur shoes!

  2. LOVE your shoes! And your smile!


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