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just a couple of months ago when it was supposed to be fall/winter-y weather I had this obsession with anything that reminded me of oliver twist. I wanted to portray it so badly in my everyday ensembles. I captured the whole look but classed it up a bit. I found these copper satin pants stashed in my mothers closet and I HAD TO WEAR THEM! and can you believe that this was the first time I ever wore these heeled booties I bought at zara?! Ive had them sitting in my room since october. yikes! But i finally wore them and I wore my new little boys vest from Zara as well. Its the cutest thing and Im getting one for my nephew so we could match and be buddies.

It's definitely been a lot more sunny and lovely these days. Im looking forward to wearing my light/transparent button ups and linen pants! 

WEARING: Zara kids vest, H&M hat, satin pants, thrifted blouse, vintage handbag, vintage sunnies and Zara booties.



  1. Ah! Dickensian chic?! Absolutely amazing. :)

  2. i am loving the oliver twist inspiration! :)) great boots! Thanks for following my blog! I am now following you :)))

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