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A dear friend of mine is visiting from New York this week and yesterday we went to a small local theater to watch HEARTBEATS. She had seen it in New York with a friend and immediately thought of showing me when she came back to cali. WELL I still can't stop thinking about it, the director/writer and main character, Xavier Dolan is a cinematography genius!

 The movie has too many things to love: the music, the fashion, the language, the men and women, and the smoking! oh god the smoking. It's so seductive, sensual, intimate, and beautiful...I could go on for days because I'm lusting/fan girling over every slow motion scene in the film. there were scenes where you could just hear breathing and all you could pay attention to was the facial expressions, the feelings, what the characters were thinking. gah. soo good. And the absence of words or conversations, and the french language are too beautiful to describe, but Dolan really captured it in such a hypnotizing way. too many good things came out of this movie. Xavier Dolan has a gift, this movie is a gem so you best go find it and watch it.


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