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Inspirations: geekery

I've recently found myself late at night flipping through photos on the web instead of going out. I just feel overwhelmed right now on how many pictures are piling up on my desktop, so I've decided to start a weekly segment on my blog called "inspirations." Of course I come up with this idea towards the end of the week, but im still going to do my first post for INSPIRATIONS! I want to start it off with Geekery. I've been on etsy all day in the geekery category, searching the universe for vials containing "organisms", double helix necklaces, space, crystal anything. Also an interest in architecture has spiked in my life and I am enjoying every minute of this nerd rampage I am going on. These images basically entail everything that is spinning around in my brain right now.



  1. i've walked amongst those big black square pillar in Berlin, its the holocaust memorial and it pretty life changing to be in it.

  2. I have a lot of photos in my pc too! :)

    dejoiss ♥

  3. Evan- Wow! I'm sure it was life changing, I want to travel to Berlin for so many things and that definitely a place that is on my list.

    Dejoiss- It's pretty ridiculous on the amounts of photos I have, I am glad we are in the same situation.

    thanks for visiting!
    xo Maverick diva


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