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"you get treated nicer if you're well dressed"

I saw this video last week and can't seem to be patient enough to stay this young. These ladies are so inspiring. They are the reason I dress the way I dress in the morning. Iris Apfel is one of my idols and she just looks precious in this video, as always. My goodness, I had a fashion-gasm when I watched this the first time and just thinking about meeting these ladies and seeing their closets gives me the goosebumps. This is the reason why I DREAM of finding a job that will have me work with old ladies all day long.
"its fun to dress up, its exercising creativity"

Advanced Style: Age and Beauty on



  1. followed & lovethat people can manage to appreciate beauty with age!


  2. The video isn't available to me, not sure what's going on there. But I do know what you mean about older women with style and their ability to take it further and relax with it and be inspiring and cool all the damn time :)

  3. I love, love, love & LOVE the video!!
    Thanks for post :)
    You know, you get wiser with aged and it this video proofs that to me.
    I wish I could be one of them when I get to my senior years.
    "Every Era, it builds character"
    Loved it.


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