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Sorry for the lack of outfit posts. The thing is that I don't want to go out of ma house dressed in anything else BUT my galaxy print maxi dress that I ordered 2 WEEKS AGO! I accepted that this dress was being shipped from singapore, and I ignored the fact that I would have to wait 20 days for it to actually arrive to my doorstep. So now I've become psychotic and whenever I hear the mailman outside my door, I run downstairs and stare out the key hole like a creeperrrrr. not ashamed. maybe a little. This waiting is killing me softly, but when this piece arrives you all will sure as hell know it arrived. 
It's been 18 days so I got 2 more days and you all can salivate over this new  purchase of mine. Only cost me 40 bucks. 
But to keep you all enthused I have a few photos of what my weeks back have been like. Believe it or not, I have spent a few good days NOT waiting at my door. Im obsessive but I take breaks from being obsessive every once in a while. I've been enjoying all the hot weather while I still can and then I'm off to cold Portylandy. 

Attended a private event to see Besty Coasty for freezy. We had beers and burgers. Ma gurls and I role played as men that night. clearly.
Went to the fair and so quickly learned they just want to nail me in the ass by taking all my money. $5 for 10 tickets. 12tickets to go on a ride. So lets do the math here: $7 to ride a 1min ride. DAMN! But I enjoyed myself.

Bar hopping like cray cray and trying the yummiest drinks. If one goes bar hopping, then they probs shouldn't wear 7inch heels aka I shouldnt wear 7inch heels. Plus, Im way too classy to take my heels off no matter how many blocks I have to walk. 


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