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Moving to a city means you gotta adventure. You have to explore the surrounding areas, the food, the clothing etc. Portland is pretty much known as "The New Food Eden" and I can't even begin to explore all these places on my own. It's going to be a slow and gradual process cause there are so many areas to eat here, and they all look so flippin good! Apart from the food are the cute shops. Most are independently owned which is much better cause you get a one-of-a-kind purchase out of it. After adventuring these lil shops, I found a goodwill that had "Halloween central" plastered on the window and went in. I reached the halloween racks and hit the jackpot. One piece after the other of finely threaded Indian garments. I was in heaven. Ended up buying these two beauties. Who knew Portland was hiding these treasures in their halloween stash. I love this city and the inspirations it brings me. My latest inspirations have been things like these pieces. Anything remotely cultural. Tribal prints are great but I love tribal prints in their truest forms, straight from where they came from. Africa, India, Bolivia etc. The clothing handmade in those countries are just so vibrant and impeccably made. Some of the items I purchased in Bolivia were hand sewn by Bolivian village women who live in the Yunga Mountains. Makes it that much more special. Who wouldn't prefer that!?!



  1. Ethnic culture is flooded with inspiration for fashion. Your wardrobe is already filled with cultural pieces (something I like about your blog). Can't wait to see where your new inspiration takes you!


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