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I'm blushing

These past couple of weeks have been a buying frenzy for me. I had an issue with a pair of shoes I ordered back in October and finally got my correct order in the mail! 
Tip: When shopping online, be positive its the right size. 
Anyways, I bought, returned, shipped, reshipped, exchanged and finally got my blush/glitter colored flatforms I ordered from GOJANE.COM. I opened my package up and immediately ran to my computer to get a second color before they're gone. They are magical and they only cost like 26 bucks! I also got a blush colored Collina Strada bag that we got at work. This is a flawless $400 bag that I got for $30. BUH-BAM! Im noticing a blush pattern building in my closet now. New obsession?
If you havent heard of Collina Strada, then I urge you to check out her stuff!


  1. love the bag and GREEEEEAT price!!! Can't wait to see how you style those shoes :)


  2. the shoes are adorable, i will check out the site!


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