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michael pitt for new Yves Saint Laurent short film

"vous le rêve de mes caresses, de sentir mon baiser. je veux entendre le son de six fermetures à glissière...chuchotant sur vous a déboutonné la chemise de crêpe..."

"you dream of my caresses, of feeling my kiss. i want to hear the sound of six zippers....whispering on you unbuttoned crepe shirt..."

michael pitt the guy who played Kurt Cobain in Gus Van Sant's film "Last Days" stars in the new Yves Saint Laurent short film for menswear 2009. its erotic and beautiful. all you see in the video is michael pitt and his lucious lips in black and white just staring as if he was staring at you. while a lady speaks in french about the beauties and erotic ways she thinks and feels when clothes touch her skin. she speaks of crepe de chine, silk, wool muslin, flannel, chiffon and many many more.

watch the video.

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