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long over due, but Rodarte from fall 09 fashion week was just impeccable. with the models pure orange streaky hair, and exaggerated leather thigh highs, it kind of had a futuristic yet savage look to it. for some random odd reason i was reminded of Aldous Huxley's, Brave New World and how the savages would dress. but im strange like that. but i am definitely looking foward to finding my hardcore boucle fringe coat for fall 09, and my oh so sexy leather chaps i plan to make on my own. 

i go to fashion school, so i am obviously not afraid to go beyond orginality, and go beyond what seems normal. but i strongly advice you do the same. the world would be a better place if people actually had an interest in dressing well, and dare to be creative. i hate seeing people walking around in disgusting and unflattering abercombie jeans and t-shirts. i like guys who wear blazers with tight but not too tight pants, with worn out dress shoes. and girls who wear dresses once in a while, and shop somewhere else other than forever 21. jeez. get it together america, we are in an economic crisis here. that was completely unrelevant but i wanted to write it.

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