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i just love paris. apart from the eiffel tower, glittering, effervescent night lights and charming cuisine, paris is a dreamland for fashion. And during fashion week photographers round up a series of photos of wandering fashionistas outside the fashion shows. I've always been intrigued with looking at images of street style from all corners of the world from madrid, buenos aires, montreal, brazil but more so to paris. parisian women tend to dress in literally the most outstanding clothing ever. with fur coats and flowing black satin dresses, and these women can never let me down because they ALWAYS have to accessorize with tights and the most amazing pair of footwear designs in the world, from 4 inch booties to swede/gold strap heels. just a marvelous selection of women and men who go to great extents to look good on the sidewalks of paris. 

they glide through the parks of paris, towering in their stilettos while inhaling on their skinny cigarettes as they rush to the next show. dont you just love it.

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