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there are just some things better not forgotten. I have this obsession that wont leave my thick head, and that is punk noir style. It first originated with everyone saying the overused word, “chic,” which typically means black, flattering, and modern. Then chic evolutionized a little more with some accents of leather, then came givenchy’s multi chained necklaces, then came THE STUDS! And ever since fall 08 I have been gradually becoming more intune with my inner punk rocker. About 80 percent of my closet is either silver, black or grey. I used to be a girl who was tranced by paisley prints, fushcia and florals. And now all I hunt for is basic shapes, bowler hats, black lipstick, and studs. And I am falling in love more than ever.
And then came Cesar Paciotti, a shoe genius that has lured me into his amazing heavy metal collection of heels. I wish I could have them all but I cant. If you are a lost soul like myself, in this world of luring trends then I know you ccan relate to my sudden hunger and craving to have studs on anything I own. If you have been longing for some look alike Christian Louboutins  heels from last year, then I will tell you my secret, on where I got mine if you don’t know already. Go to steve madden, they currently have a great selection of studded flats, open toed heels and booties all studded. They are amazing, and only 150 dollars. These are the cheapest ones you will find, along with Jeffrey Campbell.
Fall 09 will be a rockin’ blast, just get ready for chic gone punk.  

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