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wearing vintage polka dot blouse, forever 21 pleated trousers, vintage belt, vintage swede heels, self-made necklace and vintage sunglasses.

I found this cute little park while i was driving and now its my new place for zen. i love it! as for my outfit, i decide to mismatch and wear yellow and that grayish color. it was bold choice, but i liked the end result. i would have never thought to match these colors together but as soon as i tried on every pant i have to go with this shirt, i ended up picking the most unlikely pant. lets here it for unexpected surprises!

XOXO Maverick Diva


  1. you made one already???... i wasnt goin to make one.. ummm i guess well am late... well i do have a ring i will make you... you'll SEE!!!!

  2. haha, ya, but im gonna add other stuff to it. its not done. but MAKE ME A RINGG!!


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