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the masked monster

So last night i went to a midnight showing of Where the Wild Things Are at Arclight hollywood. it was packed with hipster kids all in some variation of max's costume. there were a lot of crowns, some max hoods, some full on wolf outfits, and a rare sight of people dressed as one of the wild things themselves. i myself dressed like a crazed child, with tights, a black dress, with a net tulle tutu dress(pixiemarket) and an amazing vintage jacket that has black silhouettes of children on the back bodice running around and of course with my replica of the films max wolf hood. overall, it was a pretty great experience. the response seemed to be positive and i applaud Jonze and Eggers for making a beautiful film.

in fashion news, check these wicked sweet masks out. designers like alexander wang, peter pilotto, alexander mcqueen, martin mariela and more talked about their inspiration from their runway masks. and these masks arent just the type of masks you buy at a costume store, they are decked out kinky, leather, bejeweled beauties. check them out, masks have become a current obsession in the fashion world, and masks may be the next "it" item soon. i wish it were now, so i can wear cool masks around and not be looked at like a weirdo. oh well i guess ill just wait.



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