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there are a lot of things one can accomplish in a mere hour. its funny how i can be this productive to looking at fashion obsessively on the web, and work on designs on the computer. but when it comes to actually making my jewelry line, i lack in the consistency and strive to finish it all. right now my line is in ruins, a couple of pieces here and there. but nothing too concrete. i promise i will get my crap together and start tonight. i dont care if i stay up all night, im doing it. anways,  i just spent rigorous time with going B A nanas over a couple of things. for now i will leave you with one big thing, and that is my infatuation with hands!! okay okay, that may sound a bit creepy, but its not. i promise im not some creepy person with hand and foot fetishes.

so hussein chalayan, literally my favorite designer of all time has come out with a brilliant spring 2010 collection. i gasped when i saw it, and died TWICE! Chalayan has grabbed inspiration from of course architecture, like always, and expanded that into bringing molded clay hands into the picture. its genius i tell you! he molded white hands and used them as centerpieces for this collection, as a central point for his draping pieces. ohhhh Hussein, can i call you Hussein? you are a genius and i want you to pick me as your prodigy, pretty please!!! i will make as many clay hands as you want, and i will be there at your side to test your insane mechanical and robotic dresses! in this scenario, im talking to Hussein, just in case if you were wondering.

but enough about Hussein, if you are a fashion savy gal like me, then you will remember the Comme Des Garcons 2007 fall collection with bunny ear head pieces and minnie mouse hats right? remember? well remember how there were hand accents on the clothing as well!!?! yup back in 2007 Comme Des Garcons used hands on the skirts and tops for the collection. this one is different because CDG used fabric to make the hands and just stuffed them. but it was still as equally amazing. so everyone definitely should watch out for hand accents because its coming, and its gonna SLAP US IN THE FACE!

and of course muse/fashionista Leo Cerezo snagged herself a Comme Des Garcons skirt which she manages to make an outfit look even more superb just by wearing it


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  1. girl get to work... I'll be the first in line for some of your pieces


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