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blinding shoulders

i just read the new BLIND LEADING THE BLIND post on IMBOYCRAZY.COM and Alexi is just a riot! love her to death. direct quote from her new post:

 " 2. if the most exciting sensation your vagina has had lately -is when you slowly pulled out a super long rogue hair that somehow ended up in there, there’s a problem! it’s time to meet a dude and have a sexy-time rendezvous."

Power Shoulders! im infatuated with these. shoulder pads came like a huge shit storm a couple of seasons back and now its bombarding every place possible. but people keep getting more creative with the shapes of shoulder pads and silhouettes. i have been trying to bag a sweet ass power shoulder dress from topshop but they are all sold out, and should come back in stock soon again for the SECOND TIME. people are going crazy over them. i found some fashionistas sporting some creative ways on the power shoulder trend and these ladies managed to change it up a bit and look way cooler than everyone else. i love love love it.


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