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femme fatale. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

lovelies bubblies rubblies!! 2009 is almost over and a new year is coming and WILL be great, i just know it. no more ugly 2009 trends, like arab scarfs, uggs la blah blah blah. 

and im super excited to let you all know my jewelry will be up on etsy very soon! so far everything is going well and im just sitting here still wide awake at 1:15 in the morning drinking my dr. p and listening to the sweeet tunes of fleet foxes on my big ass headphones. 

and i came across a wonderful blog just now! and its amazing! i snatched the photo above from the blog, its a photography blog with loads of pictures solely based on femme fatales!! i went bananas when i read that, cause i live for femme fatales! everything about them intrigues me! i love the jean luc godard film, i love the velvet underground song, i even wrote a poem about femme fatales a couple years back when i was a fiend for poem writing, i know shh i was a bit of an introvert back then.
but how much more can i show you that i am obsessed with the term femme fatale. to be obsessed with a term like this may be odd to some of you, but i love it! i remember a couple years back i constantly used the words harlequin and ergo, i was obsessed with them. i guess that explains my love for writing? okay, enough rambling.

if some of you dont know, femme fatale is a french term for a woman who is so beautiful, and seductive to men that she leads them to doing fatale/atrocious things. basically shes just so amazing that guys are tranced to do anything for these females! thats what a femme fatale means. a fatale woman!


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