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monochromatic style

this week my obsession has heightened to a love and appreciation for black. just black in itself can be so versatile, and that is why so many designers start from there. i just got an amazing leather dress from nasty gal and its incredible. it was a lil christmas present from myself that was well deserved. and today i went to work in all black as well. i wore my 1980's mesh leotard, black tights, black skirt and black shoes. all black and i loved it, with my brand new acid wash hood/cowl neck/scarf. thats one more thing im obsessed with now, the cowl neck scarfs in big cable knits or just plain old jersey fabric that drape so beautifully off the neck AND can also be used as a fabulous hood/scarf. WORK IT YOKOO. love that girl. but any of the long dresses ive boughten and hemmed up, i keep the extra bottom half of the dress, serge the ends of it and BAM i have a fabulous scarf to go in unison to the dress. DIY!

check out this video on my inspiration to monochromatic style! chrocodiles do it so good, and their pixelated video footage with a touch of raw 60's style is addictive!

kind of a dark theme for the holiday season, haha. but thats not gonna stop me. merry christmas everyone!!


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