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question: who doesnt love getting ready to go out? 
i just love getting ready, the decisions, the make up, and the overall execution.
getting ready to see what the night has waiting for you, meeting hot boys. hooking up with boys. making foolish decisions. dancing. looking sexxed up. every girl loves it.

so i just went to sell some of my unwanted clothes at a cute boutique and hidden gem i found. managed to get 85 dollars and traded that for FOUR amazing vintage dresses and got 20 dollars BACK! so i wasted no money and now im ready to sport these little bad boys around the block once or twice for the boys.
cut my hair, AGAIN.
bought some new dark red, burgandy lipstick!
and later today i have to attend a couture lab, which concerns me because its 130am and im still awake.
then i go off to a night with my girlies and have prior duties to scope out some hot devendraesque men for the night.

its been a while since ive REALLY gone out. i used to go clubbing every week, and loved picking out these insane outfits and putting on the wildest lipwear on and spray the most seductive perfume i had.
right behind the ears, just spray a bit of yo shit there and boys give in for it like a fat kid gives in for cake.
and now im missing that nightlife. i blame school, work and rap.
shwayze and jay-z have gotten me into hip-hop recently. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ME?
 ive never liked this type of genre, ive always been the kind of gal who listens to joan baez vinyl at night. i was always one to appreciate a good acoutic show in the park being played by some random bum looking to win a couple bucks. now i find myself dancing like a fiend to jay-z. and unconciously supporting vulgar music that leads to disturbing dry humping type of dance. i guess thats what kids do these days when they listen to rap. i just dance like a lil girl.
i feel silly.
i guess this new year is all about change.

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