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INTERVIEW WITH Paige Linden aka electric legend photographer aka mustache admirer


Paige linden: an 18 year old photographer to be reckoned with. Ready to embark on a road so amazing it even makes me jealous.  Read about this charming young lady talk of Devendra Banhart, to her latest  obsession with mustaches! intrigued yet?

Linden is moving to San Francisco to study at the Academy of Art University! "I'm going to major in photography, studying both digital and traditional film. and i will also be taking other courses involving fashion to help broaden my creativity in that as well," Linden says. happily awaiting her departure, Paige makes what she can of herself in the O.C. She has photographed some local bands, collaborated with Teen Vogue to do fashion shoots. Has photographs on exhibition at a local Peets coffee, and a hip yogurt place named "Velvet Yogurt." She has also showcased her work at an art show called "Casa Romantica." shall i keep going folks? or are you not yet impressed? okay, i will continue...

Paige describes her aesthetic as not having one. She blatantly says that she shoots what she wants to shoot. She began to describe Devendra Banhart, and how she loves the way he communicates such powerful words into this amazing music. I agree! His folkish rhythmic melodies are easy to love and one song may simply be about a little sparrow. But the extremities of his song building are far more deeper than that. And THAT catches Paige's attention. 

"nothing inspires me, but then everything inspires me!" Linden says perfectly. she notices things most people wouldn't think twice about noticing. She sees that unforeseen potential most people don't appreciate, and then she creates a purpose for itOpen to the possibilities of being a fashion photographer, Linden also aspires to be a music photographer. "i heard it doesn't pay much, but i'm fine with that" Linden modestly says. The overall adventure and experience of exploring that vast folk world intrigues her. Traveling around the world, hanging around with folks playing the banjos, or gypsies who caravan together as they play their guitars and jingle their tambourines is a pretty good alternative. One can definitely picture Linden capturing the sincerity of those scenes.

But for now Linden is working on her latest project: THE MUSTACHE PROJECT! something i'm particularly excited about. It started last year, when Linden suddenly got this small infatuation with eccentric facial hair. Linden takes her camera everywhere ready to find any sirs sporting sinister mustaches. She is currently building a book and intends to expand and grow a book with thousands of mustaches! thousands! I'm ecstatic about it. so look out, you may be in the book.

Paige Linden no doubt is on a role. She has already developed a name for herself and she hasn't even reached college yet, let alone graduated high school. i recommend you take a look at her versatile and large collection of photos AND MORE MUSTACHES here: 



  1. oooh i really like her mustache pictures. those are some handsome men!

  2. those guys... are magnificent creatures! they are THE sexiest beasts and they all got moostaches.

  3. thanks lovelies. yes, those are some good looking men. especially the long haired one.


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