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happy valentines day!

hope you all have a romantic day today with your significant other, or if not then i say binge on loads of food and watch loads of romantic 1940's films all day long! oh the Golden Age.

happy valentines day lovelies!
enjoy below! Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are so divine in "Roberta." i absolutely adore this song.
"my heart wont let my feet do things they should know what, youre lovely and so what im lovely..."

my day has already been great. went to Los Angeles and went crazy at Shareen's place. i bought another 1950's toile du juoy dress, a peach lace 1950s dress, a victorian dark red lace blouse and a super cute petticoat/victorian lace skirt. all too divine. TODAY IS JUST WAY TOO DIVINE. 
i love you all.


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