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working my bootay off right now. weighing my packages, getting photos all set to post up, getting my etsy account ready for many things. my space is a disaster right now. 

but i wanted to give the buyer a cute package, so im packaging my stuff with old floral packages, vintage ribbons and lace, and possibly a free little gift and thank you note. i want EDIE GARDENS to be a place of love! but here are a couple more shots of vintage mm. so so good. listening to fleet foxes, florals all over my room, and and and i found a big huge bag that was hiding in my trunk filled with unwanted, BUT quality vintage that i think many people will love and adore. these items need a new home and a new journey to embark onto. 

1st photo: geometrical pattern cardigan. right out of the 1960s and from old school SAKS FIFTH AVENUE. oh so yummy. so divine!
2nd photo: 1960's turtle neck, 3/4 sleeve paisley blouse. what more can i say? its radical, its psychedelic! 


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