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still trying to get some stuff up on my etsy. my camera DIED the other day, and now the battery is acting all retarded, so im only going to post up a couple of items just to get things going and possibly maybe some, SOME jewelry pieces. those sadly have been delayed due to my full set of classes, and work schedule. but i promise ill try to get those up as well. i only got a handful of necklaces done but i dont want to put them up so quick. this must so smoothly and flow. okay well here are two shots i got!

1st photo: VINTAGE 1950s dress that will go online soon. its a contour shape, with a curvy v-neck shape, and the sleeves are amazing with pearl beads. just to die for. 

2nd photo: cute little pull over shirt is going online as well. not the dress. but its a sweet satin blue lil cropped top with lace. 1940s vintage. can literally make any outfit look 5 times more adorable and 5 times more eclectic and elegant!



  1. Hello my dear, I'm so happy that you like my blog and decided to follow. I'd love to follow your beautiful blog! :) And I love the pull over shirt, it really is cute!! Have a lovely day xx.

  2. aww thanks lovely lady!
    that pull over shirt is so adorbs!
    have a lovely day as well


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