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FEATURE 4: LuShae Jewelry

First, I would like to say anyone who gives me beautiful jewelry is GREAT in ma book!
I got my package from LuShae Jewelry yesterday!! I couldn't decide what I wanted cause I wanted too many things when I was on the website. Sarah over at LuShae Jewelry is brilliant and LuShae jewelry not only makes the most precious jewelry known to man, but also focuses on the quality of the product and the satisfaction of each and every customer. After much debate, i ended up picking the beautiful "Purple Brilliance" tear drop pendant. I HAD to get the purple piece, it's my fav color and It sparkles which is something I lack in my jewelry collection. I'm like a lil happy girl right now, I want to wear it everywhere and be a badass and show the hell out of it! "oh ya, thanks! my necklace is from LuShae Jewelry. I know its amazing!" Thats me being a Diivaaa when people compliment me on my necklace. 

The pieces at LuShae are a mixture of finely crafted jewelry that varies from amazing shiny and sparkly pieces, to edgy antique fleur de lis pendants! I personally am obsessed with her fleur de lis and edwardian pieces cause my biggest inspiration is the Edwardian era. I got my package and the arrival was swift, the package itself was precious in its chic noir case and as I opened it up I just gasped in amazement of how glorious and beautiful this piece was!

LuShae is based from Australia and has been up and running online since 1999. The jewelry ranges from sterling silver to precious and semi precious stones. 
please check out LuShae CLICK BELOW:



  1. Thank you so much for your comment and for following my blog. I hope you stop by again soon! You have a gorgeous blog and style, and I am excited to follow you as well!

  2. love the purple lip!
    love your blog, great inspiration!
    thanks for sharing, love it


  3. thanks ladies. lushae jewelry has got amazing jewelry! love love love it!



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