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party monster

ive probably posted a previous post on this already, but im just obsessed with the club kid movement that i have to refresh everyones memory. and for the newbies, then introduce you to my infatuation with CLUB KIDS.

its was a new york club kid movement that started late 80's through the early 90s. it was a bunch of club kids that dressed in outrageous outfits and took extensive drugs and all that crazyyy stufff. some of the big names in this underground movement are: James st. James, richie rich(heatherette) sophia lamar, ru paul and more! im sure some of those sound familiar to you.

well im watching on of my fav films about this called: PARTY MONSTER. its got seth green, who is absolutely brilliant, the kid from home alone, and chloe sevigny, and also marilyn manson. umm craziest cast ever! if you havent seen this movie yet, then i dont know why you are still alive.


  1. Yep. I like this a little too much.

  2. great post thanks for sharing x

  3. gobbledigook- you should like it a little to much! ole!

    kirstyb-you are welcome :) xoxo

  4. love the film, it's amazing, got the soundtrack on itunes, woop! it's silly! Loving your blog, we'll definitely be back, come follow TBAG if you fancy! Bonne nuit xx


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