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triangles, trapeze prints, trinidad...fucking TRIPODS! 
its been a while since ive posted cause i was busy with the fashion show, but im done now and now I can share all my latest obsessions, loves blah blah blah. so ive been constantly surrounding myself with super minimal styles. Ive been into the really new age kind of healing, using crystal healing stones, flourites and all that jazz. and as I was as i was finalizing my final for my dye processes class, i came to a GENIUS inspiration! it was the stones, the blends and  the fluorescence they give off in the light, the gem stones, the colors, the textures and the shapes!! i couldn't stop designing triangle, circle and panel tops. ive become obsessed. everywhere i shop now i constantly just see these images in my head. im kind of a new age freak now who has an infatuation with geometry. i think ive found my calling! shyea shyea! i just finished my moon crop top with a kimono sleeve design! thats another thing that inspired me: space and constellations and milky ways. im a nerd. now shhh.


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