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fox tails in or ighh?

sooo I kind of want this fox tail keychain, the only thing holding me back is that only carries GENUINE REALL FOX TAILS. ighh? 
Rumi from FASHIONTOAST was sporting one and I saw a guy in hollywood totally working one too and I want to put it on my new designer studded bag i just bought cause it would look so dankk! 
should i get the fox tail, find a faux fox tail key chain ORR bring back the faux rabbit foot key chain trend back??



  1. The fur tails look so great!! I too saw it on fashiontoast and thought "wow"!
    I really like your blog - the look of it is great. Check out our blog if you get a chance. We'd love your feedback- follow if you like what you see!
    Happy Blogging!

  2. I know!! I thought it was really cute!! xoxoxoxo

  3. sooo good right!? Rumi works it

    thanks girls for the love

  4. you should get one of our foxtail fur keychains!!
    so many colors. you will love them!


    dolls kill

  5. Yuck, that's disgusting! Guys find that shit repulsive and I bet most girls do too!

  6. Check out the tails at Your Being They are not on a breakable keychain, instead they are set on 220lb cable!
    (We went to San Fransisco to challenge Dolls Kill to a tail off and they were so scared they chased us out of the building!)
    Our tails are made to a superior quality and are all ethically sourced. We use roadkill, invasive species removal, scrap from ranches or overpopulation removal.
    You will not find a better tail on the market.


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