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"It is possible that most Unearthen pieces have already chosen their bearers. The uniting of the crystal and empty bullet creates a powerful opposition, causing old dreams and new beginnings to fall upon its bearer. For this reason, the stone with the right properties for your needs will inherently attract you. Each crystal carries distinct properties. Its aims may be to clear your mind, focus your heart on goals you struggle to achieve, provide comfort in difficult times, or simply remind you of the balance between destruction and creation. Please choose your Unearthen piece with care."
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I went antique shopping a while back and bought a big huge jar of just misc stuff for 20 bucks. I went home and just untaped that mootherfeeker and dove into what lied inside. There I found these two amazing stone rock gems that i just couldnt wait to make into a necklace and i wear it almost everyday. I have had this keen interest for months now on the whole NewAge idea with semi precious stones/crystals/gems and have grown very fond of the whole meaning behind each one.

This whole bunched up jewelry trend is a never ending train of possibilities. You can go with the "hippie" look, or go with a kind of Cherie Currie inspired jewelry look, or even go with the one ive been obsessed with lately and its the ethnic look with a touch of new age style. 

i  guess you could kind of blame my extremely ethnic friend Eela. check out her blog:

We both salivate over ethnic headpieces and just kind of relish in all the aspects of different cultures and compiling them all into one outfit that somehow turns into some hot mess of a brilliant look. with touches of one culture here and there, ma girl Eela somehow makes herself look cohesive. anyways ill be posting up my creations up soon.



  1. WOW WOW WOW, organic looking jewellery are my thang, LOVE LOVE LOVE them all, swoooonnnn....XOXO

  2. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! i must purchase some of these pieces!!!

  3. THESE JEWELRY PIECES ARE STUNNING! Your blog is fabbbulous and has such a cool vibe. Love the bullet with the crystals! AMAMAZING contrast! Have a wicked summer!
    xoThe Beckerman girls

  4. Whenever my mind wanders I realize it's wandered over to your head, and I can only imagine how much that's going to happen whilst wearing the head pieces. I love you, and as always you have best taste.

  5. well thank you lovelies!

    eela, like we always say "same wave length

    maverick diva


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