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The vintage picnic

I went on a picnic this past saturday(only day off i had) and I just loved being enveloped with thousands of towering trees around me. Me and my lovely hat. For us, a pleasant day is having a tasty late lunch/ early dinner in a park. I prepared some pasta salad with feta, cherry tomatoes, celery, and some balsamic vinegar. with edamame lightly soaked in soy sauce, some mini pita breads with spicy hummus, and some green tea with gluten free brownies to finish it off and touch of refreshing blueberries. YUM!
I love me a good ole hat!

We covered the bench with vintage calico fabrics and it was just all too lovely. 
Now im one with nature, and have grown insanely obsessed with the idea of Equestrian picnics! ya you read that combo right! I found this photo via:
and i just love the idea of old vintage portraits mixed with this equestrian pop to it. its brilliant!

Just us three girls, as it always is. Mama Sarah, Eela and Me! I wanted so badly to climb on the trees, but do to my lack of long legs, and unfortunate petite stature, I couldn't stand a chance. It would only be possible if i was some kind of leaping spider monkey or something of that sort. 

Equestrian with a mix of gypsy with another mix of my eclectic side will be a fun dress up day. Tomorrow I will post photos. 



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