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Its time to get ethnic

Can someone just step up to the plate and get super ethnic with me?? I haven't seen one single spring collection inspired by rich, carazyy ethnic shiet. And when I talk about ethnic I dont mean african inspired tribal trends(so over done). Im talking about indian, hinduism inspired, spiritual, symbolic kinda stuff. EGYPTIAN, opulent type trend. That stuff is all so wonderful! Basically what a gypsy would wear, basically what I would wear. I WANT THAT! I would be lying if I said certain people haven't influenced this sudden craving for everything cultural. just sayin. So designers, I challenge you if youre up for the task to create an awesome, unforgettable, sick ass collection for next fall or spring that is inspired by a certain culture. do it now! boom!
p.s. Kanye West has got it dowwn



  1. love your blog!!! so cute :)


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