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mary katranzou

ive been failing miserably with having the "usual" stuff I used to have on my blog. I cant remember the last time i put outfit shots up on this thing. My job at Zara has been sucking the life and time out of me but I promise I will get back in the habit of doing the old stuff. for now im just gonna share with you my latest obsession in the fashion world: MARY KATRANZOU!! a pure genius! Her collection premiered for London fashion week and blew everyone away. Her inspiration was vintage rooms! just go look on my tumblr and you'll see why i love her so much, cause im obsessed with old vintage room photographs as well! MARY, FIND ME AND WE WILL BE BUDS, I PROMISE! just look at the collection, there isn't much to say cause you will love it for sure just by taking a glimpse. i feel like if i go more into it then ill just never stop. 

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